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Terms & Condition

The Investment Terms And Condition are as stated by Shadownet Global Services Limited of No 5A Oromineke Street, Dline, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. The Company which term includes it’s representatives of the one part and accepted by the Investor which term includes it’s representatives of the other part.


  • The investment manager offers services including but not limited to the investment of funds in various asset classes, including stock market investments, real estate investments and asset backed investments.
  • The investor desires to invest in the company’s assets with a view to Return on Investments (ROI) for the investment cycle.
  • The investor understands that the company offers an investment cycle for a minimum period of 3 months without an option to top-up and a maximum period of 6 months with an option to top-up the investment sum, with a minimum investment sum of N50, 000.00; whereof the investor has confirmed the preferred investment option per details filled out in the company’s issued investment form.


  • The investor shall upon the execution of this agreement; pay into the company’s designated bank account.
  • The company’s designated bank account shall be:
  • All payments shall be made directly ONLY to the company’s account and not through any of its staff or agent as the company shall not be liable for any loss or fraud arising therefrom.
  • This agreement shall last for a duration of 3months or 6months.
  • The company shall upon receipt and confirmation of the investment sum, issue a receipt of payment via email, reflecting the investment sum and dividends accruing.
  • The issuance of receipt of payment shall signify the ultimate evidence of fulfillment of the investor’s payment obligations
  • The acceptable mode of payment to be used by the investor shall be either wire transfer, electronic payment or digital/ crypto currency as the company shall not accept any cash payments.
  • The investment manager shall pay a maximum ROI of 17% of the investment sum monthly to the investor for the investment cycle.
  • At the end of the investment cycle, the investment sum shall be paid back to the investor or rolled over to a new cycle.
  • The instruction for the investment sum to be rolled over or paid back to the investor shall be given by the investor to the company within 1 month prior to the end of existing cycle by completing the roll-over or cash-out form.
  • The investor may top up the investment sum at any point within the first 5 months of the investment cycle. This shall however be done 7 days prior to or 7 days after the due date of monthly returns.
  • The notice for the said top-up shall be given to the company by completing the requisite top-up form.
  • The said top-up shall be on the same terms as the original investment sum and cycle
  • . This agreement shall take effect after 3 business days from the date the agreement is executed.
  • The investor may transfer the investment sum to a third party at any time, upon a written notice to the company on the same terms herein; but shall not withdraw/cancel same before the expiration of the cycle.
  • Without prejudice to paragraph 10 above, the investor may terminate this agreement before the expiration of the cycle upon service of 90 days notice to the company, provided that the company shall be entitled to deduct a 50% administrative charge from the investor’s return for the said period and 20% from invested amount.


  • The company hereby warrants that it is a duly formed and validly existing company with the corporate and legal capacity to conduct its business and perform its obligations hereunder.
  • The company shall at all times, comply with the laws, regulations and business ethics applicable to all relevant activities under this agreement.
  • The investment manager warrants that it shall deal with the investment sum in accordance with the terms of this agreement.
  • The investment manager, in the event of unresolveable controversy, shall be liable to the investor only to the extent of the investment sum.
  • The investor has independently studied and is satisfied with the terms of this agreement.
  • The investor irrevocably warrants that the funds deposited as the investment sum are legitimate and has no criminal origin/history; as the investment manager shall not in any way be held liable for any such illegality or issues arising there from.
  • Any claim, demand or dispute arising from and in connection with this agreement either in its validity, enforceability, authority or capacity of parties, shall be settled or attempted to be settled by the parties in an amicable manner before resorting to arbitration in accordance with the Nigerian Arbitration and Conciliation Act CAP A18 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 and the decision of such arbitration shall be final and binding on the parties.