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Incorporated in November 2019, Shadownet Global Services Limited was born out of the enthusiasm of its founder about innovation and development. His knowledge of computers and his unending quest for self agrandissement led him to develop this platform where Tech meets Finance and is gradually increasing the awareness of its presence in the investment sector to carve a niche for itself and stand out as the preferred choice of customers.

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Our platform gives you a decent ROI for all your investments.

Online Portfolio

Our Online Portfolio Management system leaves our clients, extremly satisfied and smilling to the bank


We offer our customers/clients an unforgettable experience of luxury at an affordable rate

Real Estate

You can get that dream home with our unbeatable Real Estate plans.

Real Automible

You dream car is 90days away

About our Company

To obtain higher performance, Our leaders first identify the critical obstacles to forward progress and then develop a coherent approach to overcoming them. We define your company mission and prioritize.

Our Story

Shadow Net Global Services Limited is a duly registered Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
Shadownet Global as a company helps people put their money to work in the capital market and other major investment systems through our portfolio management systems.

  • Training: Get trained by our expert traders in Capital Market.
  • Market Analysis: Recieve weekly outlook of financial market.
  • Automated Trading: Ride on the back of our super Expert Advisor.
  • Investment: Invest in our platform for a decent ROI.